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South Asia Union is a nonprofit initiative by eShe magazine. All positions advertised on this page are for volunteers. We offer certificates of work, access to a passionate community of likeminded pacifists and activists, and opportunities to interact with some of the greatest minds and peacebuilding organisations in the world.

We stand for unity, diversity, inclusion and social justice in south asia. If you do too, then join us. we need volunteers like you!


We need researchers and generally smart brains who can hunt out, envision and suggest solutions for lasting peace in South Asia. You could also chronicle stories of our shared heritage across national borders and profile significant personalities from history. Good writing skills and a seeking mind are all you need.


We need reporters and journalists who can interview thinkers and doers from around South Asia and the world. You could also write on social, economic, cultural and political trends from the region – Coke Studio included! You should ideally have a knack for interacting with eminent personalities and a diverse network of bright people.

Community managers

If you love social media and are constantly on Twitter, give us a hand! We need you to get the word out, and share our content and views on all social-media platforms. You will also be the face of the website and interact with readers and the community at large so you should ideally be a people person, up-to-date with current events and youth culture, and a communicator who believes in the power of connection.

EVENT managers

eShe magazine has undertaken to host two virtual South Asia Union Summits Led by Women every year until 2025. We need managers to coordinate between the eminent panelists and generate videos and posts for dissemination before, during and after the Summits. Alternatively, if you are female, you could moderate sessions or be an emcee. You should ideally be familiar with Zoom webinars, video editing, and have a great stage presence and the ability to think on your feet.

Dialogue is the key that unlocks the door to peace. Constructive, respectful dialogue not only builds empathy and dismantles the illusion of ‘the other’, it also generates new ideas, innovation and progress. 

Aekta Kapoor, founder, South Asia Union

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