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South Asia Union is an initiative of eShe magazine


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We are journalists, peace builders and social-justice warriors looking to end war and conflict in South Asia and unite the region as a political and economic union on the lines of the European Union.


Can you imagine a South Asia with one currency, unrestricted visa-free travel between nations, unrestricted trade, demilitarization and nuclear disarmament? We can, and this is our way of seeking solutions for it and working towards it.

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Share your expertise, your thoughts, your voice, your resources and help get the word out: unity is possible, peace is necessary and a unified South Asia is the path forward for a safer and more prosperous world for everyone.

“If the aim is the prevention of armed violence, then it doesn’t matter what weaponry or how many soldiers you have. What matters is how many capable young people are available and motivated to make this happen – youth and women with a sense of fearlessness and independence”

Dr Scilla Elworthy
Peacebuilder, author and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee