Arming girls and women in South Asia with internet tools and infrastructure

Four digital literacy evangelists share their challenges and success stories on arming girls and young women in South Asia with internet tools and online skills.

Investors assert that cross-border peace needed to boost trade and socio-economic growth in South Asia

Speaking at eShe’s South Asia Union Summit Led by Women, entrepreneurs and investors from India and Pakistan brought up the need for political peace, cross-border trade and knowledge exchanges among South Asian nations.

“South Asian women’s networks should have been the first respondents during the conflict in Afghanistan” – Policy analyst Dr Radha Kumar

Speaking at the South Asia Union Summit Led by Women, scholar, author and policy analyst Dr Radha Kumar urged women’s groups in South Asia to unite for peace.

“Fatwas are oppressive tools used to control women in Bangladesh” – Dhaka activist Khushi Kabir

Speaking at South Asia Union Summit Led by Women, Bangladeshi human-rights activist Khushi Kabir put the spotlight on tools used by those in power to oppress the disadvantaged and especially women.

“We cannot move on until we have come to terms with the past” – Guneeta Singh Bhalla, founder, 1947 Partition Archive

Founder of 1947 Partition Archive, Guneeta Singh Bhalla is out to humanise history with people’s accounts, to help resolve the pain of Partition, and to remind South Asians of their region’s shared legacy.