Doctors, public health experts call for medical collaboration and social justice in South Asia

Doctors and public-health activists from South Asia are calling for governments to address the social, economic and political inequities that the pandemic has highlighted in the region.

New models of power will come from the East: Political theorist Indra Adnan

UK-based political entrepreneur and futurist Indra Adnan says theorists in the West are looking to the East for sustainable models of organisation and community-building.

First ever Indo-Pak pride meet highlights the talent and challenges of the LGBTQIA+ community

Indo-Pak Pride Collective marked Pride Month with its first virtual meet, featuring an entertaining and inspiring line-up of talks, dance performances and poetry.

“A South Asian Union would free us from the slavery of the west”: pro-democracy activist Hina Jilani

Globally acclaimed human-rights defender Hina Jilani believes democracy and secularism are values all South Asian nations need to promote and protect.

Train local nurse practitioners and physician assistants to handle primary healthcare in villages: Dr Thakor G. Patel

Dr Thakor G. Patel, retired captain of the US Navy’s medical corps and founder of the Sevak Project, is on a mission to train rural healthcare workers across four states in India.

“The farmers’ movement, the Dalit movements, and the Adivasi movements can offer new models of democracy”: Lalita Ramdas

Peace activist Lalita Ramdas on how political forces use communalism for their own agenda, and why India’s ‘imperfect’ democracy needs to be reimagined.

Civil society represents the largest untapped source for peacebuilding globally: Dylan Mathews, CEO, Peace Direct

CEO of the international NGO Peace Direct that supports local activism in 44 conflict regions, Dylan Mathews believes sustainable peace can only be built bottom-up.

Shivshankar Menon: ‘For India, our home is Asia and not just the Subcontinent’

Former Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon on his new book that looks at India’s foreign policy and domestic politics in an increasingly globalised, authoritarian world.

Support emerging leaders, connect changemakers to build peace in Asia: Isla Glaister

Peacebuilder and CEO of UK nonprofit The Business Plan for Peace, Isla Glaister offers solutions for peace in South Asia using lessons learnt from her experiences in Myanmar.

Cross-border Trade Can Pave the Way for Peace, Exchange of Ideas: Jeff Hammer

Senior NCAER fellow, and health and development economist Jeff Hammer shares notes on South Asia, why there's no one he can advise on peace between India and Pakistan and his own experiences living in the Subcontinent.