“For decades, we have undermined feminine intelligence, and the feminine understanding or relationship to our bodies” – Karen Lee Downes

Karen Lee Downes, co-founder of FemmeQ, on respecting, including, and embodying feminine intelligence to restore wholeness to our human psyche and integrity to our social, economic, ecological and political systems.

Arming girls and women in South Asia with internet tools and infrastructure

Four digital literacy evangelists share their challenges and success stories on arming girls and young women in South Asia with internet tools and online skills.

The Burden of Tradition: Gender Equality and Social Justice in South Asia

Feminist scholars came together at South Asia Union Summit Led by Women to discuss the burden of tradition, and the long road to gender equality and social justice in South Asia.

“Fatwas are oppressive tools used to control women in Bangladesh” – Dhaka activist Khushi Kabir

Speaking at South Asia Union Summit Led by Women, Bangladeshi human-rights activist Khushi Kabir put the spotlight on tools used by those in power to oppress the disadvantaged and especially women.

Civil society represents the largest untapped source for peacebuilding globally: Dylan Mathews, CEO, Peace Direct

CEO of the international NGO Peace Direct that supports local activism in 44 conflict regions, Dylan Mathews believes sustainable peace can only be built bottom-up.

“Let People Meet” – Peace Activist and Filmmaker Beena Sarwar on the Case for a Visa-free South Asia

US-based Indo-Pak peace activist and filmmaker Beena Sarwar recently hosted a virtual peace conference to announce the launch of the South Asia Peace Action Network