Peacebuilder Dr Scilla Elworthy opens South Asia Union Summit Led by Women

Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy inaugurated eShe’s South Asia Union Summit Led by Women today with a virtual message from Oxford, UK, where she lives.

The world-renowned peacebuilder, author and educator is the inspiration and mentor behind eShe’s nonprofit initiative South Asia Union.

Dr Scilla had spoken on Yin Intelligence at eShe’s Indo-Pak Peace Summit Led by Women, held in January 2021.

This time, too, she has sent her regards through this video below, in which she speaks about why it’s important for women to stand up for peace, and why leadership and conflict-resolution initiatives should have more women in decision-making positions.

In her talk, Dr Scilla refers to a diagram of ‘The Cycle of Violence’, which begins and ends with atrocity, and which is what peacebuilders seek to interrupt with long-term strategies for dialogue, healing and resolution.

eShe magazine’s South Asia Union Summit Led by Women is designed to promote women’s leadership and create a space for cross-border dialogue while harnessing feminine intelligence for a collaborative future.

The event is supported by WISCOMP – Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace, an initiative of the Foundation for Universal Responsibility.

Dates: 2nd and 3rd October, 2021

Time: 3 to 9 pm India | 9.30 am to 3.30 pm GMT – both days

Platform: Live broadcast on eShe’s FacebookYouTubeLinkedIn and Twitter – comments and participation welcome.

Follow @esheworld on the social-media platform of your choice and do turn on notifications so that you are informed when we go live.

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